Drivers License

Finally got my drivers license after all these years of traveling with public transport and driving along with other! It really was a relief when I first heard that I passed the exam. Now the only thing I need is a nice car. Since I am now working for a great company I have the possibility to get a lease. I will post pictures soon!

Updated the website a little

I have updated the site a little. At least technical speaking I updated it, because I just preformed an upgrade of the content manager "Drupal". To be exact I updated it from 6.2 to 6.5 since some security flaws were found. The look also changed a little. I changed the theme to reflect the style I was looking for with this site. Yes, I know this is a customized standard theme, but it's all about setting the mood right for once. The site was running quite some time doing nothing and think really need to get moving.

Taking a bit long

Sorry, not much movement just yet. Just finishing up my internship and school, so I'm quite busy at the moment. Don't have much time for music spinning or this website. In a few weeks I will have some more time on my hands and do more dj-ing stuff.

New site up

The new site is running right now. It doesn't look that good yet, but it runs on a CMS and is very flexible. Right now I am figuring out how to set it up and fill it up. So more soon.